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 Jan 19 - Graham

 Feb 16 - Joe Pool

 Mar 15 - Nocona

 Apr 12 - Eagle Mountain

 Jun 14 - Grapevine

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    Eagle Mountain Lake - April 12, 2008 - A little windy, otherwise a beautiful day!

From the Prez Sez:

Another RECORD83 people fishedEagle Mountain.  Is this exciting or what?  I am very pleased to be part of this club that is growing and growing.  We had a good tournament on Eagle Mountain with some tough conditions for some.  For othersthey found the fish.  Congratulations to Johnny Reyes for finding the big bite.  He won first place and first place big bass with 10.17 lbs and 4.79 lbs respectively.  Also, a big that a girl goes to Elaine Barnes for finishing 2nd with the biggest stringer and fish for the ladies this year.  If my memory is correctshe did this feat last year at Nocona.  Finally, in third was Gerald Grumpy Old Man #2 Coggins with 8.49 lbs.  Great job to the top 3 and all that weighed in fish.  On another note, it makes me sad to announce that Roger Malone has once again taken over the lead for angler of the year.  He has proved to us again that consistently catching quality fish will pay off day in and day out (it makes me sad because he just moved ahead of me).  Congratulation Roger keep it up!